Looking for a Trading Strategy that Works?

“AMT” Auction Market Trading, Brings Greater Returns & Predictability Compared to Discretionary Trading Which Happens When AMT is Already in The Trend. Stock markets are no different than any other market. All must move to survive. Auctions move up and down to find limits of buyers and sellers. Rejection and acceptance identified by volume. Breaking extremes, looking for limits, builds value, breaks again, finds balance and returns to value. That’s the natural rhythm of auction process.


All Memberships Include

  • Daily Charts With Trade Commentary & Areas of Supp & Res.
  • Daily News Watch With; Market Commentary & Trade Related HotSpots
  • Private Twitter and Discord Access
  • Personal Trade Entries, Exits & Stops
  • My Tracking Spreadsheets Including
    • Daily Open & Closed Positions
    • Annual Performance Summary Which Tracks
      • All Trade Statistics
      • P&L
      • Win Loss Ratio
      • Trade by Trade Performance;
  • Personal Trading Tracker (Downloadable In Excel or Google Sheets Format.